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Are Cluster Headaches Putting Your Day in Disarray?

As the name suggests cluster headaches come in clusters. They generally occur at about the same time of day, night being the most common. The attacks can last weeks to months followed by no headaches for months to years. Cluster headaches are not extremely common, affecting 0.1% of the population, but if you fall into that 0.1%, a cluster headache can ruin your day in a hurry.


When a cluster headache begins it generally starts around one of the eyes and spreads from there. It can be associated with redness and swelling in the affected eye, as well as small pupil size, and drooping of the eyelid on the affected side. Facial sweating is common and congestion or runny nose on the pain side of the face is also prevalent during a cluster headache attack. There is no cure to date for cluster headache, but several medications have proven very effective in aborting a cluster headache including, injectable sumatriptan and breathing in 100-percent oxygen. There are also several preventative medications that can be taken on a more regular basis to decrease the frequency and severity of cluster headaches.

There are also a few things that you can do to reduce your overall risk of cluster headaches and include getting consistent regular sleep, avoiding alcohol and cigarettes, and avoiding letting your body overheat.

If you find that your headaches are “clustering,” please talk to your provider at Advanced Spine and Pain and let us see if we can muster a decrease in your cluster headaches.




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