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Physical Therapy

Physicians may prescribe a course of physical therapy to rehabilitate a painful or poorly functioning area or system. This is done mainly through passive and active means. Modalities such as heat, ice, electrical stimulation, therapeutic ultrasound, massage, and lymphatic drainage are passive, meaning that the patient does not exert any effort during these portions of the treatment.

Exercises may also be passive, such as having a therapist stretch a patient throughout his/her range of motion. Active exercises include self-stretching, strengthening, conditioning, posturing, and gait training.


Advanced Spine and Pain is a leading pain management group based in Phoenix, AZ, and quickly expanding throughout the state. Offering minimally-invasive pain care services, the ASAP group consists of Arizona's top pain management specialists, including Drs. Abram Burgher, Todd Turley, and Jarrett Leathem.

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