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My Provider Suggested A Medial Branch Block. What is it?

If you are having localized pain in the neck, mid-back, or low back and do not typically have pain that radiates into your arms, wrapping around to your chest, or shooting into your legs, you may be a candidate for this procedure.


To better understand what a medial branch block is we need to understand that there are procedures that are therapeutic in nature and there are procedures that are diagnostic. Medial branch blocks fall into the latter category.

Your provider will review your MRI and listen to the description of where your pain is affecting you. Based on this an injection will be performed that targets spinal nerves that branch away from the spine near the facet joints with a local anesthetic. This can temporarily disrupt the sensory nerve supply to the joints. Because this is a diagnostic procedure, please do not be frustrated if you do not receive long-term relief. We are looking for even transient decrease in pain which clues your provider in to the level of the nerves that are involved and the source of the pain. If after two blocks you receive effective but temporary pain relief, your provider will most likely recommend a subsequent procedure that would fall into the therapeutic category and provide much longer-lasting relief.

Medial branch blocks are therefore not an ineffective treatment but rather an effective diagnostic tool to help your ASAP provider get you the longer-lasting pain relief that you are undoubtedly hoping to receive.




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